Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction

At G5 we believe that businesses have a responsibility to minimise the effect that they have on the environment around them.

When attempting to create more sustainable business practices, many organisations fail to consider the enormous impact PC energy consumption can have on inflating their energy costs and releasing excessive carbon emissions.

G5CarbonCut enables customers to centrally control and reduce the energy used by PCs on their network up to 60 percent without impacting end users or IT. Over 300 corporations, government agencies and universities have deployed this technology to save £13 to £40 per PC per year – and have achieved a 6 to 12 month payback.When PCs and monitors are not in use,
G5CarbonCut intelligently moves them into lower power settings by centrally controlling the power settings residing within each networked computer.
G5CarbonCut includes many unique capabilities that help achieve maximum energy savings while effectively eliminating impact to business users and IT. Patented Wake on WAN feature allows IT to reliably wake machines across varied network topologies while a comprehensive set of reporting tools provides accurate views of energy savings.


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