Welcome to this important video series about how to keep your organisation’s data safe.

Cyber Hygiene is maybe not a term or a phrase you have heard of before, but keeping good Cyber Hygiene is an important part of keeping you and your organisations data safe.

In order to help you with your own Cyber Hygiene we have put together 3 short videos that we hope you will find useful.

Each of the 3 videos focus on the key areas that you need to consider.

  1. The Hackers
  2. The Threats from Within
  3. What YOU can do

In this first video, we show you how easy it is for hackers to break into any computer.

Video 1: Hackers

In this second video, we look at the threats facing you from within your organisation.

Video 2: Threats that exist within your organisation

This final video is the most important. It covers the three key areas to keep your organisation’s data safe.

Video 3: What you can do to keep your organisation safe

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