Most organisations now use Microsoft 365 for their Email, SharePoint and File sharing services. It is a common misconception made by many that since Microsoft host their data that that is being backed up and that their Microsoft 365 tenant has been configured for maximum security.

It is a little know fact the the maximum recovery period for Microsoft 365 is only 30 days, so any data you wanted to recover out with that time frame would not be possible. What if you were unfortunate enough to fall victim of a ransomware attack and all of your files and data were encrypted. How long could your business function without access your data?

Complete this handy check list to see if you have all the bases covered for your organistion.

Have an IT Security Policy


Best Practice

Enable Full Microsoft 365 Auditing

Turn on Multi Factor Authentication 

Monitor M365 changes email forwarders, admins & location

Enhanced anti-spam filtering

Microsoft 365 compliance monthly secuirty report

If you have any of these 5 boxes left unticked or you are unsure about then why not give us a call to see how we can help to better protect your Microsoft 365 tenant.

Technology is our business but there is nothing better than having a good old conversation.