Your perimeter firewall is the gateway to the outside world of the internet. Your firewall is also the entry point into your internal network, this firewall is essentially the front door to your business. Regardless of how good a firewall / front door you have, if it is misconfigured you are essentially letting cyber criminals walk right in.

So how do you know if your firewall has been optimally configured to ensure your data and your organisation is safe. Here at G5 Technologies we can perform a comprehensive security assessment to assist with evaluating the cyber risks presented with your external network(s).

The objective of this is to determine if any identified threats could be used to mount an attack against your organisation that could lead to the disclosure of sensitive information or access to critical information systems.

We would agreed a scope of work to define the specific assessment phases. The table below outlines the typical engagement scope of work for an external penetration test.

During this phase, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering is researched to identify valuable information that may contribute to a successful attack against the external network environment. Additionally, a penetration test and vulnerability assessment is conducted to identify and exploit security weaknesses.



Reputational Threat Exposures

Reputational Threat Exposures - Using information available on the public Internet
(e.g. search engines, social media, etc.), We would attempt to discover information that could potentially harm your organisations reputation. This includes publicly disclosed information that may or may not be useful for an attack.

External Network Penetration Test

A penetration test was conducted to identify the potential impact of exploiting any identified vulnerabilities. Only exploits that are deemed
safe would be executed during this phase. Information obtained from within the Reputational Threats Exposure phase would be used as part of this penetration test.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment would also be  performed against the list of systems provided for the scope for testing. This vulnerability assessment would attempt to identify, but not exploit, security vulnerabilities that exist within the environment.

Having carried out the external penetration test you would be provided with the following reports that can be used to strengthen your external defenses

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