Learn how to hack and how to avoid being hacked!

You will no doubt heard of the term hacking before, you will probably know someone who has had their email account hacked. But what does that mean and how is it done.

We employed the services of an ethical hacker to show you how easy it is for you and your business to fall foul of a real hacker and he filmed it all from both perspectives, as the hacker and as the victim.

In this first video, our ethical hacker encrypts all of the data on the users PC and network drives, and demands a large some on money to get it all back.

In this second video, our ethical hacker guides our user to enter their Microsoft365 details into a dodgy portal, giving our hacker their Microsoft365 username and password!

In our 3rd and final video, our hacker shows how postponing those critical system updates can be to the detriment of your business.

If you think this could never happen to you or your business then think again… this happens every single day in the UK.

Now that you have watched the video can you ask yourself these Three questions:

Is it now clear to see how easy it is for a hacker to gain access to your IT systems?
How confident are you that your business has the correct mix software, security training and robust IT processes to protect you and your data?
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