If you are looking for an internet connection in Aberdeen for your business then you have come to the right place. We offer various different types of connectivity for your business including internet connections, WiFi, telephony including VoIP and 4G. We offer you a flexible approach to help recommend the best connections for your business and help you make the most of connectivity in your area. If you need emergency internet connection in Aberdeen for your business give us a call on 01224 443 896.

Updating your connection to the world can benefit your business in many ways:

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  • You can increase productivity by upgrading your internet connection in Aberdeen to a faster broadband service.
  • Implement Microsoft Teams to improve communication between your Team.
  • Move to a managed service to help your business gain better support if your connection fails.
  • Migrate to a VoIP phone system and add handy tools like easily being able to see the last number that phoned or receiving any voicemails as a recorded audio file to your inbox.
  • We can even set up a 4G backup to use as an emergency internet connection in Aberdeen so that you don’t lose valuable time.

Which connectivity services can G5 help you with?

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We can offer various internet access and connectivity packages including: ADSL, super-fast broadband also known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) , Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Ethernet First Mile (EFM) and leased lines & Satellite Broadband.

We can also supply and install outdoor point to point links between buildings so if you have a property over the road which gets better connection then you could share.

So if you are thinking about changing or upgrading your internet connection in Aberdeen then get in touch.

Why use G5 for your connectivity and telecoms?

  • We could reduce your costs for line rental, broadband and calls
  • You could receive a single monthly bill for all your telecommunications
  • We can give you a dedicated point of contact
  • We can set your business up with a 4G emergency backup option

Looking to reduce your telecom bills?

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Because we benefit from competitive pricing from our suppliers, we can pass this reduced pricing onto you.

We can help save you money by migrating you away from your old ISDN lines to SIP or VoIP. This not only means cheaper line rental, but your calls are often a fraction of the cost. ISDN will soon be a thing of the past and so will any angst over your phone bill.

Can I get faster internet connection in Aberdeen?

To see if you can benefit from a faster internet connection:
All we need is your phone number and postcode!

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Emergency Internet Connection

Your time is valuable so what happens when your internet connection fails? We can set up a 4G backup to use as an emergency internet connection so that you can keep working.

Give us a call on 01224 443 896

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