G5 Employee wins award after horrific injury

Richard Lowe, senior IT technician at G5 Technologies Ltd has won this year’s Office Professional Award 2015 hosted by recruitment firm Office Angels.

To explain the award, Francesca Stubbs, Principal Branch Manager at Office Angels said: “Here at Office Angels we pride ourselves on valuing those individuals who really do go above and beyond in their job. We host these awards each year as a way for employers to formally recognise employees hard work and we were really impressed by Richard, he was the clear winner”.

Mr Lowe recently dislocated his shoulder when rock climbing. Unfortunately the unusual dislocation caused such severe nerve damage he completely lost the use of his left arm. It is hoped that the nerve damage will only be temporary and he will be fully recovered in six months. In the meantime, Richard has continued to provide his usual level of technical support from home.

Explaining the nomination, G5 Business Manager Kate Wemyss said: “Richard was nominated for this award for two reasons really, not only does he consistently receive excellent customer feedback but he has continued to do so despite his horrific shoulder injury. He is often in excruciating pain as a result of the nerves in his arm coming back to life. Many employees would have been signed off work but Richard was very keen to carry on working. This has been of enormous benefit to the company as we haven’t had to cover many of his duties and he has kept clients happy with his high standard of technical support and customer service.

When asked what Richards’s greatest strength was, Ms Wemyss replied: “Richards’s combination of technical ability, customer service and sense of humour. This can be a rare thing to find in the technology sector”.

G5 Employee Richard Lowe said of his win: “It’s all a bit embarrassing really, I feel like I’m just doing my job but it has given me a real boost to be appreciated with this award”.

G5 Employee wins award after horrific injury