Each year, we at G5 Technologies meet with lots of business owners in and around the Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire areas regarding their IT support and more recently advising on increasing their Cyber Security Defences. There are lots of great Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) in Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire. We often get asked who are some of the other IT companies and competitors that we have in the North East.

At G5 Technologies we are always very open with our existing and potential clients so we are never ones to shy away from being up from and honest with respect to our competition, at the end of the day we want our potential clients to be as informed as possible before making the decision to hand over the reigns of their IT systems to a new Trusted IT Partner.

We have been providing Managed IT Support since 2004 so we have a good idea of other providers, to this end we have put together the below list of other IT companies in the Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire area.


Located in Aberdeen City Centre, another long established business serving the Oil & Gas sector.

Their specialism is the network management of multiple sites using Cisco & Fortinet technologies.

Converged Communications Solutions

Another well established business located in the Bridge of Don area of Aberdeen.

Internet connectivity is the mainstay for their business.

Dynamic Edge / Zenzero

Having been around for a number of years now, located at the business park at Aberdeen International Airport. They have always focused on Cloud Computing services. Dynamic Edge were acquired by Zenzero who have offices throughout the UK.

Nimbus Blue

Located in Westhill in Aberdeenshire, they have also been providing managed services for a number of years now.

They are a small team with a particular focus on Cyber Security.

Solab IT Services.

Located in Aberdeen City Centre with over 30 years of experience in the IT sector.

Their onboard tracker system enhances the visibility and safety of people, crews and assets around the world.

So there are 5 companies to consider if your getting quote for IT support in you are an Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire based business.

We have also written two books that will take you no more than 20 minutes each to read on all the things you should consider when selecting a Trusted IT partner to support your business.

Switching IT Providers

Business Owners Guide to Email Security

Download your free copies using the links above, or if you would prefer we can get you paperback copies! Get in contact and we will send you both books free of charge.

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