Emergency Internet Access Aberdeen


emergency internet access aberdeen

What would you do if you suffered an internet outage and needed emergency internet access?

As more and more businesses transfer to the cloud, our over-reliance on internet connectivity can become an issue. Contact-less payments for example mean many customers no longer carry cash. An internet outage could potentially stop a business dead. Do you have an internet backup in place? Read our top 5 tips for what to do if you need emergency internet access:


1: Ask your neighbours.

If you share premises with another business, you may consider setting up a reciprocal arrangement to share internet connections with them. If one fails, you can borrow from the other. Just make sure you don’t both have the same Internet Service Provider (ISP) as it won’t work! Here in Aberdeen we have a good choice of ISP so it should be doable. Ask us about ISP and connectivity options in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

2: Work from another location

A lot of big companies have multiple locations, and so they can move to another premises if there is a problem. For smaller firms, though, this is often too expensive. Great if you already have Office 365 for email, you can always check your email elsewhere but if you don’t:

3: Get a second backup internet connection

If you need 24/7 internet you can buy a cheap backup broadband connection from a different ISP. It may not be as fast as your main connection but can get you online in an emergency. A warning – a lot of internet providers share the same infrastructure so a problem with line might mean both connections go down! G5 can advise you on this. G5 Can provide your business with a second internet connection that takes over if the first one fails. This provides business continuity in the event of an internet outage. The cost is a fraction of what you would lose if your internet were to go down for a lengthy period.

4: Use mobile internet

Mobile 4G broadband connections are available from all of the major mobile phone networks. You can buy a small ‘dongle’ to plug into your computer which connects you to the internet. Mobile connections can suffer from coverage problems, but if you work in an area with a good signal, it is an effective temporary option for emergency internet access.

5. Buy or rent a 4G router 

A 4G  router allows you to maintain a high-speed wireless connection, minimising the disruption to your business. You will, of course, need to ensure your SIM card has a high data allowance. G5 can help you with this.

We also have pay as you go, 4G capable routers which will deliver business grade internet connectivity in the event of an outage. For more information please email info@g5tech.com

If you’d like to know more about 4G routers and are interested in getting one, get in touch now.



5 Options for Emergency Internet Access