We have recently installed a free hotel WiFi service for all four Holiday Inn Hotels in Aberdeen and one in Edinburgh, ensuring that the hotel brand standard to provide free WiFi to all Holiday Inn Express guests by the 1stSeptember was achieved.

G5 have been providing our own branded Wi-Fi service “G5Zone” to the Holiday Inns for a number of years now but this was previously a service guests paid for. When the group announced they were going to provide free hotel WiFi to all Holiday Inn Express hotels, we took the decision to offer double the brand standard for download speed to all guests and have now rolled this out to both The Holiday Inn hotels as well as The Holiday Inn Express hotels.

This move shows that hotels are finally responding to one of the biggest customer complaints; having to pay for Internet access.

Murray Todd, General manager at the Holiday Inn Express, Aberdeen City Centre adds: “We started providing free Wi-Fi in February this year and our customer satisfaction has gone up by over 20% as a direct result, which just goes to show the benefit in providing free Internet Access. We haven’t received a single complaint about the internet service since the system went in.”

You can now find G5Zone at Holiday Inn hotels