Steve Brand is now a fully qualified Meraki CMNA (Certified Meraki Networking Associate)…who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

Commenting on his qualification, Steve says: “Not only do we recommend Meraki for your networking and Wi-Fi needs but we also use it ourselves. Their kit really is outstanding and since we began using it in 2012, we have yet to see a fault with any of the hundreds of devices and wireless access points we have installed.  I defy anyone not to be impressed when they see what it can do. I will happily give a demo to anyone that is interested, please just get in touch”.

Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimized for a seamless user experience. The outcome: faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer support calls.  Get in touch with us if you would like more info on equipment or any other options we have.

Meraki CMNA qualification for Steve Brand