G5 Apprenticeship Success for Ben

G5 are proud to announce apprenticeship success for Ben Hamilton. Ben is the IT companies second apprentice. 

Commenting on the appointment, G5 Director Kate Wemyss said. “Ben is the second apprentice we have employed through the QA Apprenticeship scheme and we are keen to let other employers know how positive the experience can be. 

QA Apprenticeships are the UKs leading provider of apprenticeship within the IT sector with award-winning programs. As well as on the job training, the government funded scheme provides apprentices with four weeks classroom based training.  The training is tailored specifically to the company’s requirements and at no extra cost to the employer. 

You will need to pay your apprentice but this can be less than minimum wage. However, I don’t know how they would cover their travel costs on less than the minimum wage. I would say a typical QA apprenticeship salary would be in the region of £8,000 – £13,000.  There is also no obligation to employ your apprentice after the 12 month apprenticeship is up”. 

The benefits of employing an apprentice:

Ms Wemyss goes on to say: “Training an apprentice is more cost effective, lowers overall training costs and reduces recruitment costs. An apprentice will fill a vacancy more quickly and you end up with a skilled worker that you need for the future. You also have the opportunity to tailor your apprentice’s development to fit your company processes and practices.  Many companies have reservations about hiring an apprentice due to their age.  Candidates have to be 16-19 to qualify for the program.  However, research has shown that hiring an apprentice results in a more motivated individual and higher productivity.  We have found apprentices make a valuable contribution to the business as well as boosting moral in the existing team. It is a fantastic opportunity for apprentices to gain experience and for employers to find a cost effective solution to help fill a skills gap”. 


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